Quality - BERTO is committed to exceptional quality. We deliver talent with the highest levels of experience and integrity. Our technical solutions across the entire software development lifecycle are error-free. Our supporting management documents are thorough and accurate. Depth of Knowledge  - BERTO principals bring more than 70 years of combined knowledge across the entire spectrum of IT solutions.  We have experienced more than three decades of IT and software evolution, which makes us uniquely qualified to help our clients through mission- critical transitions. We understand our client’s past, present, and future environments. Multi-Disciplined - BERTO customers benefit from consultants and leaders that have expert knowledge across the entire software development lifecycle. They can interface with customer team members in virtually any technical position to ensure error-free technical development and integration. Process-Centric - Central to BERTO’s success is our commitment to proven and reliable processes. Because we support all aspects of our client’s technology success, we require rigorous processes to ensure consistency and quality for all of our solutions. From document creation to software development, all deliverables are subject to quality assurance and quality control procedures to ensure we deliver exactly what the customer wants, every time. Integrity - BERTO prides itself on being a trusted partner in every relationship. We are ethical and respectful of all strategic relationships. BERTO will never go direct to the end customer. We are fiercely loyal to the partners, customers, and consultants that are in our delivery ecosystem, and we strictly adhere to the missions of our stakeholder.
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