System Engineering We successfully engineered the architecture and design of a system for Treasury's Intelligence Analysts to identify and trace financial transactions. We defined requirements, developed Interface Control Documents (ICDs), and re-engineered business processes to implement a COTS based Payroll and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for an Intelligence Community member.  Payroll was delivered on time, without error. Program Management We successfully managed the development, integration, and deployment of the Army's DCGS-A Standard Cloud.  The cloud was delivered on time and within budget. Business Process Improvement We defined, developed, and implemented more than 75 processes to manage the business operations of a 300 person contract for a law enforcement agency.  Our streamlined processes reduced lost time by two weeks and allowed new hires to begin work on day one with badges, desktop machines, accounts, and passwords.  Newly hired persons also received a project orientation and security briefing on day one. We provided architecture and design expertise to assist the IRS in implemeting a number of systems designed to enable tracking of financial transactions for the Affordable Care Act.
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